My Reason Why

Since I was 19 years old I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant in London, Sydney and Perth – I’m definitely no stranger to hard work. 

And while working these jobs I was also paying for two mortgages as well as saving up for my next big trip. You see, I love to travel ✈️ and be a free spirit.

But then in 2011 my life took a different direction. I became a single mum. I thought I knew what hard work was, but this next stage in my life truly showed me the meaning of HARD work ?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved becoming a mum and I enjoyed those gorgeous moments with my baby smiling back at me – making those gurgling noises and looking at me with all of this innocent wonder ?…… Cute huh?! 

But doing it all on my own was much tougher than I had ever imagined. The lack of sleep, the housework needing to be done, the washing, the cooking, the cleaning… there just weren’t enough hours in the day for me to do all of the jobs and all of the work myself.

Sometimes I wouldn’t get out of the house before midday ⏰ My sister couldn’t understand that, which is strange because she’s a mum herself. I just felt as though no-one understood. 

It was a hard adjustment to make, going from a successful corporate career and travelling the world, to raising a child on my own.

I felt trapped and overwhelmed – life was a real grind for a while there and no-one around me seemed to get it. 

Maybe it was just because I was so tired ?

On top of all that, I felt the burden of supporting myself and my child, while not bringing in a steady income. 

I watched my hard-earned savings disappear. My finances went down instead of up. 

I took jobs to help pay the bills but would eventually burn out and quit…. until I needed more cash again and would give working a job another go.

You can see my pattern of desperation and despair, right? And all of this was making me sick. 

Then in January 2018, I saw a friend of mine posting on Facebook. She was travelling to Bali and staying in luxury resorts, working from her laptop and mobile phone. She went to Japan, then to the Gold Coast, then back to Bali! ?

It was like she was living my dream life, but I had no idea how she was doing it! 

I sent her a message and she said she was using a 90% automated platform that allows her to earn 5-6 figures a month.

I was like, yeah right. Boy, was I a big skeptic. I thought, it must be a scam. Who can earn that kind of money from an automated program? 

But I was curious, so I started to pay more attention to what she was doing, and I watched some other mutual friends, take the plunge and start using the same 90% automated platform.

I still wasn’t sold.

Then one day, I got sick again ?

When I work on someone else’s terms, on their clock, I end up eating takeaway and not making my green juices. 

Having to be out the door by a certain time, waiting on public transport or sitting in traffic, it just adds to my stress! 

It was my line in the sand moment, where I said enough is enough. 

I told myself, if my friend can do it, so can I.

✨ So, I said YES! ✨ Finally. I signed up to the 90% automated platform and immediately had a global internet business at my fingertips.

This business has changed my life in so many ways, not just by providing me with the platform to create an income online, but also the shift it has created in my mindset.

I have peeled away layers that have left me feeling more “me” than ever before. More confident, more loving and SO much happier.

I have learnt the importance of goal setting, and then multiplying those goals by 10!

I have learnt not to care so much about what other people think of me – especially when their opinions don’t pay my bills ?

So as you can see stepping into this online space, and surrounding myself with a community of heart-centred soul driven entrepreneurs has helped to change my life in more ways than I’d ever imagined.

On 1st July 2019 I get to work full time on my online business and support others to start their online businesses.

I get to set my own schedule and have the freedom and time to actually enjoy being a parent ?

All because I said yes to this 90% automated program ?

The only thing I regret, is not saying YES sooner.

If you’re feeling stuck, hating what’s happening in your life, this platform might just be what you’re you’re looking for. It’s worth a look isn’t it? Shoot me through a message and I’ll be in touch with some more info.

Love and light,
Kali ❤️

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