The Magic really is magic

kali holding the book the magic

I’ve read the book before but the other day I thought it’s time to read it again, so I got up early the next day and started the first day’s exercise.

I wrote down what I wanted in the categories the book suggests so: health and body, career and work, money, relationships, personal desires, material things.

Then I wrote down the 10 things I’m grateful for and said thank you, thank you, thank you for each one.

So I did this at 4.30am Monday morning.

By 2.30pm Monday afternoon I received an email saying you’ve earnt a commission for $240!

The funny thing is I’m not actively promoting that offer – I guess someone clicked a link on Guide To Organics website and then went on to buy something (gotta love affiliate marketing!)

But how amazing is that, and it just shows the power of Gratitude.

Every time I focus on gratitude amazing things happen.

It kinda reminds me of when I was 19 years old.

I became a Christian and so with that came prayer and giving thanks.

And you know what – that time of my life was truly amazing.

The countless things that happened that just went my way, the synchronicities, the opportunities that opened up for me, I can tell you some great stories from back then.

Now I’m not so “religious” these days but I certainly do have a relationship with God/Universe/Spirit and when I focus on the things I’m grateful for amazing things always happen.

Not just money either.

Everything flows more easily.

I’ve given this book away to a lot of people and often get messages from people telling me their stories.

The most recent one was from a good friend of mine – she did the Money Gratitude exercise and then a lady she met through a meetup group left her whole estate to my friend in her will!

Have you experienced something similar? Maybe you read the Magic, started expressing gratitude for your partner and your relationship turned around?

Would love to know ❤️

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