Words Can’t Explain My Excitement

Words can’t explain my excitement right now! 

My little man and I will be leaving soon to travel overseas for a few months, starting with the Gili Islands and Lombok then heading over to Thailand and possibly Malaysia.

I loooooooovvvve to travel!

So I’m smiling from ear to ear ?

Now I just need to get through the hard part – packing up my house. I gave notice earlier this week to move out of the home I’ve lived in the last 10 years! 

So a bit of work to do before we can get going but we’ll aim to leave mid to late July.

My son will be missing all of term 3 at school and I’ll be home schooling him as we travel – probably not a bad thing for me to re-visit some school work – back then I was really only concerned with my social life ?

This is going to be epic!

What sets your soul on fire? ????❤️

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